OVD004 - Teffa - Illegal EP

300 copies, 12" heavyweight vinyl & digital


A1. Shell It (03:49)
A2. Sludge ft. Chad Dubz (03:57)
B1. Illegal (03:44)


Teffa, Chad Dubz


A1. Shell It

A2. Sludge (ft. Chad Dubz)

B1. Illegal

OVD004 - Teffa - Illegal EP

Onward and upwards - the Belgian Dubstep imprint Overdue maintains its superheated release schedule with full force. With a meticulously curated artist roster and continued support by the likes of Mixmag and other vital institutions, this release yet again perfectly aligns with their vision of subculture sound system music. Spearheaded by a positively prolific artist, their fourth record features Teffa on the controls. Following up on some massive 12" releases on crucial labels such as White Peach Records and Foundation Audio, the up and coming artist furthers his status as a versatile and highly capable producer with three tracks of unadulterated sound system pressure - including a weighty collaboration with Chad Dubz.

Arming the record, 'Shell It' heads straight into the matter at hand, precision-engineered weaponry clocking in at 140 BPM. Drums like mountains, effortlessly heaving immense amounts of low-end, smoothly embedded on silky pad swells. Fusing old-school elements with the present like few others, the lively arrangement does the rest to keep the crowd aflame without end. Music with an attitude - rewinds assured.

Fasten your seatbelts as the record kicks into overdrive once again with 'Sludge' as faint police sirens and reverberate into oblivion only for it to implode into an instant Dubstep classic. Driven by its ridiculously effective and minimal instrumentation, the underground unravels itself in sonic form. Spacious pressure wave emissions, especially primed for the dance.

Stepping up to the title track, 'Illegal' tops off the 12" most beautifully - packed with Grime and Breaks influences and mesmeric melodies. As unshackled 808's pound away alongside a murderous set of percussions, the electronic soundscape treads through hypnotic harmonies and dance-inducing groove - Teffa signature style at it's finest