OVD003 - Hebbe - Numina EP

300 copies, 12" heavyweight vinyl & digital


A1. M1 ft. Nosa (05:36)
A2. Fingerprint (05:05)
B1. Numina (05:37)




OVD003 - Hebbe - Numina EP Render

Unveiling the subsequent ace for their third vinyl release, rising Dubstep imprint Overdue is heading into the new year with full momentum. Following up on substantial musical artillery by scene heavyweights Zygos and Dalek One, they welcome the acclaimed bad-man Hebbe to the roster. The Dutch producer released on labels such as Artikal Music, Crucial Records, and White Peach Records last year - now heading into the new year with another monumental 3 track EP.

As the needle engages in the records’ grooves, we find ourselves entranced by the smoke-engulfed set of sonic artillery shells laid out. Bleak and yet lively - Hebbe conveys sinister soundscapes on deceptively minimal arrangements, a tribute to the original Dub spirit of organic arrangements and commandeering of space.

Collaborating with Nosa, ‘M1’ lures us into the depths of subterranean sound caves, a violin’s aquatic echo reverberating into darkness. Lights on as the track reveals its crescendo pressure emissions, taking your mind on a full-spectrum journey. Taken back by its haunting desolation, the second wave transforms into an even greater no-holds-barred shutdown.

As lavishly distorted melodies veer into nothingness, ‘Fingerprint’ kicks us off into a drum-driven low-frequency abyss. Surging through the desolate ambience, foley effects weave themselves into the intricate soundscape. Infused with meticulous breaks and fills, the compelling progression keeps heads bouncing throughout.

As heated as they come, ‘Numina’ heads for the big guns. Air pressure changes coalescing into the eerie sense of impending lunacy. Irresolute mallet plucks teaming up with an iconic onslaught of a myriad of old-school ‘wobs’ in full glory. Steering through the highly dynamic arrangement, this belter playfully tears the dance floor apart in fine style.